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Cheap Shisha Pens, Warning !

Rechargeable Shisha Pens, also known as a Hookah Pen, Vapour Pen, Vapourizers and E-Cigarettes - Lately you can buy cheap shisha pens almost anywhere. But at what cost?

The cheaper quality shisha pens never seem to last, batteries are of a very low quality and they are not the size that they should be.  Cheap clearomizers start to leak within minutes or they can stop working altogether.  And cheap E-Liquids come in flavours that do not taste as they should.  So don't waste your money on these cheap quality products.

At My Shisha Pen we aim to provide you with the best quality.  Our Shisha Pens are the best on the market, because we have proven quality.  All of our Shisha Pens are CE and RoHS regulated and approved and our E-Liquids are by Dekang - the highest quality E-Liquid on the market.

"After buying a few products on ebay etc and finding them disappointing, I was directed to My Shisha Pen by a family member.  I have been using my new Shisha Pen for a few months now and have found it to be of a great quality and it was great value for money.  The design are lovely and the range of liquids is extensive.  My favourite this week is the mango.  Just wanted to leave some feedback as I am really impressed with the service I have received and I love the products offered on your website - thanks so much!" - Nikki Pierre

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