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Battery Safety Guide

Proper battery care is key to a better and secure vaping experience. Here’s a rough breakdown of battery safety to help sustain a safer vaping experience.


Removable batteries will need to be recharged. It is possible to do so while they’re still inserted into your vape device, by plugging the charging cable into the port situated on the kit. We don’t recommend this however, as it takes longer whilst also reducing the overall lifespan of the batteries.


The battery wrap is the coating around your battery, which serves to cover the conductive material of a battery, rendering it safe to use. A damaged wrap is not only unsightly, it also poses a danger to the user. We advise any batteries with damaged wraps to not be used in any circumstances, as it could lead to a nasty accident.


A lot of vape devices have the safety feature of reverse polarity protection, meaning the device won’t activate if batteries are inserted the wrong way. Saying this, it’s essential to always place your batteries in the correct way, especially if using a mechanical device. This is because they don’t have reverse polarity protection in mechanical mods, which means the battery will short circuit and vent, which can cause serious and fatal damage.


Extreme temperatures when charging batteries can damage them severely so it’s important to always keep them at room temperature. If too hot, it can temporarily reduce the battery’s capacity whilst being too cold can permanently reduce the battery’s capacity.


This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth reiterating to always keep batteries (when charging or not) away from liquid of all kinds. There’s a strong chance of the battery exploding when coming into contact with certain liquids including water, not to mention rendering the batteries unusable ever again.


Proper protection and storage of vape batteries is essential and will help keep your batteries safe and in a usable condition for longer. When not in use, we recommend that you remove the batteries from your vape device, particularly when travelling, and store them in a dedicated battery case. Unprotected batteries that come into contact with conductive materials, such as loose change and keys, can not only lose charge but potentially short circuit, causing them to explode and potentially injuring you and others around you. As well as this, it’s always advised to store batteries in a cool, dry location. Exposure to extreme heat and cold can cause a reaction in your batteries which will reduce their charge in the short term. Long term exposure can reduce the overall capacity of your battery, potentially causing them to react violently, which again could potentially cause harm to yourself and others.


When your battery reaches the end of its life cycle it’s vital to dispose of it properly. Collection containers can be found at many retail stores where they will be collected and recycled by the local authority. Batteries should never be thrown away with household rubbish.