3 Piece Starter Kits... Electronic Shisha Pens with a difference!

22 June, 2013

As you've probably seen on our Rechargeable E-Shisha Pens section, we've been busy designing and producing Starter Kits which include 1 x Electronic Shisha Pen, 1 x USB Charger and 1 x E-Liquid Flavour.

But why did we decide to start manufacturing our own products even though we've been well known for selling great Electronic Shisha Pen products from all the top suppliers for so long?  One reason... quality!  We've been busy testing and re-testing our entire product range since February 2013.

As of April 2013 we introduced our own charter for quality, to make sure we supply only the best products on the market to our customers.  So while we were testing our entire product range we had a bright idea... why not manufacture our own Electronic Shisha Pens to meet our strict new quality charter, which is unmatched by any other company in the market.

We wanted to make sure we continue to be the biggest and best in Electronic Shisha Pens, and supply the biggest range of Electronic Shisha Pen products unmatched by anyone else whilst making sure our quality standards are met by every product that leaves our warehouse.  And to add even more value we came up with the 3 Piece Starter Kits which consist of 1 x Electronic Shisha Pen, 1 x USB Charger and 1 x E-Liquid Flavour.

While we continue to stock other brands we're making sure that we only stock the products that meet our strict quality guidelines.  This means no leaking Clearomizer, no faulty Battery and a top quality product all round!

Our products are CE and RoHS approved, so you can rest assured that you're in safe hands when you shop with us

CE Approved... Quality Assured.




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