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How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

Disposable vapes are a cheap and simple way to try vaping for the first time. Incredibly popular with new vapers

It's a common question when vape products are concerned – how long does it last? Disposable vapes are the convenient, quick option for vapers looking to soothe nicotine cravings, but how long do disposable vapes last? Considering that disposable vapes are one of the most convenient ways to travel and vape, it’s important to know just how long they might last.

How many puffs does a disposable vape have?

On average, most disposable vapes nowadays last around 600 puffs. This is because of common battery sizes, the max amount of E-Liquid and the desire for more puffs from your disposable vape.

There are several factors that go into how long your disposable lasts for. One of them is how you vape. Conventionally, you would take long, slow draws of your vape but this can use more power as the built-in coil is firing for longer. To make your disposable last longer, we suggest taking shorter, smaller draws of the devices. This of course can mean you don’t get quite as strong a nicotine hit or flavour hit than you are used to, which is why devices uses nicotine salt work the best. Nicotine salts offer higher strengths with less throat aggravation.

Disposable vapes battery sizes

The other aspect to take note of is the disposable’s battery size. Generally, disposable vapes come with a variety of battery sizes which will be relevant to the number of puffs per bar. In disposable vapes the battery cannot be recharged so it’s important for brands to do the math on how much battery charge is needed to use all of the E-Liquid in the device.

So, if a disposable vape runs out of battery before you finish the vape juice, then the battery used is likely not up to spec. You might also notice this happen if you’re a heavy vaper who tends to take large draws on the device, as you essentially use more power per puff.

Most disposable vapes in the UK will use batteries 240mAh up to 400mAh. The higher end size of battery works well for devices.

How many cigarettes are equivalent to a disposable vape?

It’s understood that cigarettes, although they contain quite a bit of nicotine, the actual amount absorbed is much less. On average, cigarettes contain 1-2mg of nicotine so a pack of 20 cigarettes is roughly around 40mg nicotine in total. In comparison, a disposable vape that contains 2ml and has a nicotine strength of 20mg/ml, will give you approximately 40mg of nicotine. Therefore, disposable vapes are often suggested as 1 pen equalling a pack of cigarettes.

The next step from disposables

Disposable vapes work great for many vapers offering a quick and convenient method for vaping. Due to the variety of flavours and brands available, they allow vapers to try new flavours and brands without investing too much. But in the long run, disposables are a much more costly way to vape. For example, a single disposable vape can cost around £4.99. Whereas a 10ml bottle of vape juice that can vary in prices from £2.00 to £4.99, and contain enough E-Liquid to be worth several packets of cigarettes.

Using tank devices and pod kits also offer a more variable way to vape due to the different sizes of batteries available. Many also offer options with airflow to suit your vaping style, but most importantly, they are rechargeable. Rather than having to purchase a whole new device once it runs out, you simply can recharge, top up your tank or pop in a new pod, to continue vaping. This makes these sort of devices much more cost effective and gives you more for your money whilst still being cheaper than smoking. Disposable vapes are a cheap and simple way to try vaping for the first time. Incredibly popular with new vapers

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